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1x Lichuan LC60H2127 5.5Nm closed loop stepper motor + 1x Lichuan LCDA86H micro step drive


cable lengths 3M

step angle 1.8 deg

Phase current 5 Amp

200 steps per revoultion


1. Voltage input range: VAC: 20 ~ 70V OR VDC: 30 ~ 100V
2. Maximum peak current: 6A
3. Subdivision range: the default 4000 / rev, through the debug board can be set to any subdivision (200-51200)
4. Pulse limit frequency: 200KHZ
5. Signal input: pulse, direction and enable signal
6. Output signal: in place signal and fault output signal
7. Motor encoder feedback: AB differential input
8. Closed-loop vector control to ensure that the motor high-speed large torque output, while ensuring that the motor does not lose step
9. With over-voltage, over-current, tracking error tolerance and other protection functions





Lichuan 5.5Nm Closed loop stepper motor & Lichuan Digital Stepper Driver Set

VAT Included
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