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About us

Here at JazzCNC we are committed to building high quality CNC routers for both Hobbyists and Commercial use. With almost 20 years experience designing and building bespoke CNC routers of all shapes and sizes, from small desktop routers to larger machines capable of taking 10ft x 5ft stock. Our machines are designed to be strong and accurate all while keeping affordability in mind.

Along side building machines we also stock a variety of components if you are considering building your own machine, just simply require parts or are even looking for advice.

Our after sales care is second to none. Whether its a problem with your machine or even just advice on how best to tackle a job, our phone is always on.

Why choose JazzCNC?

We implement almost 20 years of knowledge into all our machines starting from the construction of the base frame right through to the electronics. Whether your machine is for light hobby use or industrial the same high standards will be maintained throughout the build. We understand that every-ones requirements differ although we have "standard" machines, we will do our best to accommodate your needs even if this means designing a machine completely from scratch.

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