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Driver Description:

LCDA2260E uses the latest special motor control chip DSP vector closed-loop control technology, solve the problem of  open loop stepper motor losing step , and significantly improve the high speed performance, and reduce the heating of the motor motor to reduce the vibration of the motor, enhance the machining speed and accuracy, reduce the energy consumption of the machine. When the motor is in continuous overload, the driver outputs the alarm signal in time, which has the same amount reliability as the AC servo system. The drive adapter motor is fully compatible with the 86/110 series stepper motor, which is convenient for the upgrade of the traditional stepper drive scheme, which greatly reduces the cost.


Functional Properties:

Voltage input range: 150~230VAC

Static current and dynamic current can be set arbitrarily in 0~6A

Closed loop vector control to ensure that the motor speed high torque output, while ensuring that the motor does not lose

Built in fine points, low speed and low breakdown operation can be very smooth

Automatic parameter setting function

The electric current is controlled dynamically to reduce the heating of the motor.

External digital debug panel, current, subdivision and other parameters can be adjusted

Subdivision adjustable range 200~51200, pulse response frequency default 200KHZ

Serial communication function, current, subdivision can be arbitrarily adjusted, pulse mode, signal along, alarm output logic and other functions can be adjusted

With over-voltage, over current, tracking error and other protection functions


Motor ModelLC86H3129BrandLichuan
Motor FrameNema 34Highest Speed1200Rpm
Motor Length156mmEncoder1000PPR
Holding Torque 10N.MShaft Diameter14mm
Weight5.5 kgMatched DriverLCDA2260E

10Nm LC86H3129 stepper motor AC power LCDA2260E stepper driver set

VAT Included
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