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Our goal with this machine is to offer a strong machine with decent industrial spec components. Whilst keeping an affordable budget for hobbyist's & small businesses, without compromising the cutting capabilities.

A key factor in the design of this machine is the foot print size, as many hobbyists and small businesses are limited on space. This router is designed to be wide and narrow. Enabling the machine to fit on most benches and worktops without protruding further than a standard counter top, all whilst maintaining the  maximum cutting capacity possible, all this and still able to fit through a standard doorway. Special care has been taken in the placing of key components such as balls screws as to best protect them. To achieve this the Y axis ball screws are hidden away inside the frame of the machine, while the X axis is behind our “L” shape HD aluminum profile gantry and the Z axis is fully covered and enclosed.

While this machine is initially offered as a bench mounted machine we do offer a free standing base frame as an upgrade. No matter whether you choose the free standing or bench mounted machine they both come fully set up ready to get to work.

Machine Spec

Minimum Cut Area

  • JZR 9060 X=900mm Y=600mm

  • JZR 1260 X=1250mm Y=600mm

  • JZR 1212 X=1250 Y=1250

please note the above dimensions are the very minimum cut area.

  • Spindle to bed clearance Min 160mm

Machine Frame and components

  • 20mm Profiled linear rails on all axis with minimum of 2 bearings per RAIL not per axis.

  • 16mm C7 Balls screws on all axis with C5 BK bearings. (twin ball screws on Y axis)

  • Welded steel frame construction giving maximum strength and rigidity.

  • L shaped Aluminum profile Gantry.

  • Fully enclosed Z axis.


  • AXBB Ethernet motion controller

  • Lichuan 4.5 NM closed loop stepper motors.

  • AC Digital Stepper Drives.

  • 2.2KW 24000RPM Water cooled spindle

  • Inductive proximity limit and home switches.

  • Wired tool height setter as standard.

  • Full enclosed and interlocked electrical enclosure.

  • Latching E-Stop.

  • 10000mm/min  machine rapid speeds.

Optional Extras

  • UCR201 Wireless jog pendant.

  • Wireless tool height setter, Including automatic tool length measuring.

  • Spindle chiller unit.

  • Spindle upgrades inc Higher torque and/or higher RPM.

  • Base Frame.

  • Laptop instead of PC.



2024 Price's

starting from (Inc VAT)

Bench top

JZR9060 £5300

JZR1260 £5795

JZR1212 £7400

Free Standing

JZR9060 £5500

JZR1260 £5995

JZR1212 £7580

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